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What should I bring?

You'll spend your days in bathing suits and casual wear, shorts or jeans, t-shirts and windbreaker. Bring a pair of deck shoes, sandals, suntan lotion, and sunglasses. We provide three towels.

 What travel documents are needed?

passport 2
All travelers to the Bahamas need a current passport. Be sure to book your air tickets with your name as it appears exactly on your passport. Check with the Bahamas Embassy for visa requirements if citizenship is not US by clicking on this link. Bahamas Entry Requirements.
ALSO you will need you SCUBA certification card.

How do I get to the docks?
Taxis are readily available from the airport, or with prior arrangements our office can handle the transfers for you. The cost for one way in a taxi is approximately $35.00. Private transfer service can be arranged through our US reservations office 2 weeks prior to departure. The transfer rate is 15.00 each way per person. Cat Ppalu is docked at the Nassau Harbour Club on East Bay St across from the shopping center. If you experience delays on your day of arrival, please contact Island Escape Tours directly at (242) 557-8730 to adjust your schedule.

 What time can we board?
On our 7-day trips you may board at noon on Saturday.

 What time do we get off the boat?
The Aqua Cat returns to Nassau Friday early evening. This is your night in port so that you can experience some of the local culture. All passengers must disembark Saturday by 9:00 AM.

 What is our itinerary?
Your group will have a great time exploring the 365 mostly uninhabited islands of the Exumas with their many beautiful beaches. In addition to scuba diving, you can spend time beachcombing, hiking, kayaking or photographing the many natural sights. In Nassau you can enjoy the shopping, casinos and night life of Nassau and Paradise Island.


What about my Luggage ?


That is a good question.

What about your luggage????

As we all know, 9-11 changed everything,
especially when it comes to traveling.

Security is the name of the game now,
security at any cost it seems.

I will tell you what I currently know about handling luggage, BUT, understand that the rules might change and most likely will before we get to the airport.

I will do my best to keep you informed on anything new.

First lets do some Q and A.

Q: How many bags can I take on this trip?

A: You can have one check in bags and one carry on
and one additional personal item as a carryon on.

As of 9-28-2012
Check bag: no more then 50 pounds.
Second check bag: no more then 50 pounds, $100 round trip

Q: Are their weight requirements?

A: Yes, your check bag maximum weight per bag is 50 pounds each.

Your carry on has a weight limit of 15 pounds.

Q: Will there be a baggage fee.

A: I believe the current rate is $25 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second check in bag. Who know for sure, it seems to change every time we fly.

Q: How can I secure my bags?

A: To be truthful, I am not sure. In the past we have always used zip ties to lock up the bags. Now that security rules are different and bags can be inspected by authorities at almost any point in your travels. I think zip ties will still provide security, I am told that if security opens your bags for inspection they will place a inspection seal on it.

It has been recommended to me that making a itemized list of each bag is a good idea.

Make a list for each bag, include a copy in the bag and keep a copy with you.

If you find that your bag has been opened and something is missing the claim process will be much easier if you have a list of the items in the bag.


This part of the trip can be frustrating, just remember your

going to have a great time at your destination.


Drinking and Diving



Drinking and diving

You are on vacation and we want you to have a great time.
Beer, Wine and mixed drinks will always be avilable.
Just remember:
This is a dive trip and we adhear strictly to
If you decide to have a cold one thats OK
but remember
your diving day ends on the first sip.

Don't get left in the dark
bean thinking


Don't forget to put fresh batteries in your lights and dive computers.
Your going to be on a boat island in the Caribbean.

You will not be able to just run over to a Radio Shack for battries.

Make sure you get all your batteries changed and maybe even have a back up set for the trip.



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