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Anthony Wiley's Scuba Locker

1043 W La Cadena Dr
Riverside, CA 92501



This is Betty Carter and she was the first name  put on this list. She was not a SCUBA Diver, I am not even sure she could swim.  What she is , is Tony Wiley's sister and she is the person most responsible for the existance of this dive shop. Back in 1969 when Tony was 14 years old, Betty knew that Tony was interested in anything underwater. Tony was a fanatic about watching anything on TV about diving and the undersea, like "Sea Hunt" and "The silant world of Jacque Cousteau". Betty arranged as a birthday gift for Tony to take basic SCUBA lessions, and she also arranged for Tony to meet his hero,,,,,Jacque Cousteau.  The seed was planted in 1969 and eighteen years later the seed grew into Wiley's SCUBA Locker.