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Boats - Trips - Events
Date Event   Location    
Jan-Apr Cabrillo Whale Watching   For More Info Call: (310) 548-7770    
Mar Dana Point Whale Festival   For More Info Visit: festivalofwhales.com    
Mar 12 The 15th Annual Diver Day   Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach    
Apr 29- May 7 Week one of Roatan Hondoras   Roatan Hondoras    
May 7-14 Week two of Roatan Hondoras   Roatan Hondoras    
Jun 4-5 Scuba Show in Long Beach   For More Info Visit: scubashow.com    
Jul 4 Aquarium of The Pacific BBQ For More Info Visit: aquariumofthepacific.org/ events/info/july_4/    
 Aug 16-20 Summer Nights Sleepover at Monterey Bay Aquarium For More Info Visit: montereybayaquarium.org    
Aug 23 Family Sandcastle Building Day At CMA   For More Visit: cabrillornarineaquarium.org    
Aug 24 CMA Hosts Salt Marsh Open House  

For More Visit: cabrillornarineaquarium.org or Call: (310)548-7562