SCUBA Diving
Getting certified to dive will be one of the greatest learning experiences of your life. First, there's the excitement of learning to explore a new world,
one of those adventures that have the power to re-energize us, to burn off the rust we accumulate in our adult lives and make us kids again, when the learning came fast and furious. But as adults we also appreciate the seriousness of the commitment we make to become certified divers,
a commitment not to be taken lightly. It all starts with one person: your dive instructor, the person saying welcome to this new world, you're gonna do fine. The person in whose eyes you search for the confidence and assurance you need as you begin to submerge for your first open-water dive is a moment that captures the special faith we place in dive instructors.

Good news: If you're reading this, you've probably already taken the first step to becoming a certified, active diver.



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