181013 discover scuba

Sat. Nov. 3 - 10am | Grand Terrace High School, Riverside, CA
Discover Scuba is an FREE intro course designed for participants to learn some fundamental diving skills, and how to operate basic scuba equipment in a controlled pool environment.

Day one in Instructor Dave Clines Basic SCUBA class.

2 25 17 basic class DC

Photo: John D., Angie D., Carlos R., Pedro R., Inst. Dave Cline, David M.

Playing with the toys, Gear set up.

Next week we add water.



Mike Page

2 26 17 Dive Master Mike Page

Mike will be a great addition to the team,

and as you can see alot of fun as well.


New class begins

These guys are in for an adventure

The they are heading off to Cancun.

11 2016 basic class RW

Photo: Ray Brodersen, Jason Ludington, Hal Marlow, Asst instructor Scott Adams, Instructor Roywidney not shown

We were on a dive vacation in the bermuda triangle,

What could happin'?

We went to the Bahamas for a dive vacation.  The Bahamas are in the southern part of the infamous Bermuda triangle.  You know the stories, missing ships and planes, missing with out explanation. Yah that place.
While on one of the wall dives, off in the distance, we see something large, vary large and unusual shape but somehow familiar. As we swam closer it seemed to get even bigger. What the hell is that?


About sixty feet in diameter, thirty feet high. It is hovering about ten feet of the bottom in about 60 feet of water right next to a wall that drops down thousands of feet.

Its saucer shaped !!


We are in the Bermuda Triangle !!


Hell it's a Alien space ship.


AQ 2015 there here




Its my story and I am sticking to it.

Join us on the next trip to the Bermuda triangle,

and maybe you will have a close encounter as well.




Got Light ?


big blue lights-al--220

Summer is almost here.

Its time to go diving,

its time to night dive.

We have an assortment of dive lights from:

Big Blue





 Lets light up the night, stop by Wiley's SCUBA Locker





Some folks just shine when they jump into the ocean.

This is Mari Sparkjoy, Wow, is she electrified or what.

If you look at the photo carefuly you can almost see

her husband keith just to the left of Mari.

Savusavu with the Ratu



One of the first things we do when we go to Fiji is to visit the local chief (Ratu) and present the traditional gift (Savusavu). This is a Fijian custom, we enjoy the meeting with the Ratu. Traditional Savusavu is the gift of Kava root (In front of the spoksman on the left) . It is presented to the Ratu's spokesman.
The spokesman receives on behalf of the Ratu and gives prayer and thanks.
The Ratu is seen here in the red shirt. his name is
Ratu Kala Tuicakau (not sure of the correct spelling).
Also in the photo is Char Delillio, Carol Fus and Walter Fus.
While in Fiji we visited eight villages and two different islands.
Shells of Southern California
Below are a few shells common to Southern California,
BUT you most likley have never seen them.


The Winged Murex
Pteropurpura Trialata Trialata

Around the world the murex shell is represented by hundreds of different species. In Southern California we have several species, The Leafy Thorned Murex, The Nuttalls Murex, The Frill Winged Murex and others. It is somewhat difficult to exactly identfy exactly which is which in this group without a guide. I have also found that the experts sometimes do not agree which is which.  The features to look for in the local group of Murex is three frilly wings, Size range from about one inch to about three inches, Color: from all white to white with brown bands (pictured above). Found on and among rock in depth from ten feet to about two hundred feet deep. The book lists then as a common shell in Southern California: however,
I have only ever seen a few of them in 30 years of diving.

Solander's Triva shell
Pusula solandri


The Solander's Trivia (also known as the Coffee bean and the Sea Button) was first identified in 1832.
This shell is often thought to ba a "Cowrie", It looks simmiler in shape but really falls into the "Trivias" catagory.
The Solander's Trivia is a small shell topping out at about 3/4 of an inch. Some of the experts have written that the Solander's Trivia is beyound sport diving depths, However I have often found them in less then thirty feet of water in Laguna and Catalina.  I find the empty shell buried in the sand at the edge of a rock reef where the sand and rocks meet.  This shell is listed as a common shell. I believe that to be true, Common but not seen. you have to fan away the sand near the rocks to find them.

Dry Suit Repair


It is nearly dry suit season.
It is time to pull out your dry suit and check the seals.
Don't wait till the night befor a dive to find out your suit needs new seals. 
We can replace seals, do repairs, and patch holes in your suit but we may not be able to do the service the day befor your dive trip,

so get it in to Wiley's SCUBA Locker ASAP.



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