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We were on a dive vacation in the bermuda triangle,

What could happin'?

We went to the Bahamas for a dive vacation.  The Bahamas are in the southern part of the infamous Bermuda triangle.  You know the stories, missing ships and planes, missing with out explanation. Yah that place.
While on one of the wall dives, off in the distance, we see something large, vary large and unusual shape but somehow familiar. As we swam closer it seemed to get even bigger. What the hell is that?


About sixty feet in diameter, thirty feet high. It is hovering about ten feet of the bottom in about 60 feet of water right next to a wall that drops down thousands of feet.

Its saucer shaped !!


We are in the Bermuda Triangle !!


Hell it's a Alien space ship.


AQ 2015 there here




Its my story and I am sticking to it.

Join us on the next trip to the Bermuda triangle,

and maybe you will have a close encounter as well.




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