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 Fiji trip Itinerary

 Pre trip get together

November 16th 6:30pm

at Walter and Carols home.

26266 Kalmia av., Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Meet at the dive shop

If you will be riding the Supper Shuttle to the air port you will need

to be at the shop at 5pm.

Flight information

Fiji Air

Depart: November 27,  LAX, Bradley Terminal, Flight 811, 9:30pm

Arrive: November 29, 6am, Fiji, Nadi   

(yes, we cross the international date line)

Resort itenarary

Eat lunch - relax - hang out - eat dinner

 Next day

Eat - dive - dive - lunch - explore - hang out - dinner - Fun stuff - sleep

repeat serveal times

Depart Beqa Island

We will be departing Beqa island Saturday morning around 9am.

The boat will return us to Pacific Harbor where the bus will be waiting to

take us to a hotel near the airport in Nadi.

Normally we get a few day rooms to drop out luggage, take naps, and go

exploring and suviner shopping. Around 6pm a bus will take us

to the airport for check in.

Return flight information

Fiji Air

Depart: Dec. 6th, 9:30pm, Flight 810

Arrive: LAX, Dec 6,  11:25am

(yes, we returned home befor we left Fiji)

After trip BBQ

 To be arranged.....


Diving the South Pacific

Beqa Island, Fiji


Golden sun set

Some times a planned vacation seems so distant in the future that it's only a dream and that it will never come true before you wake up. Well this adventure is about to happen. The long wait is nearing its end, and you better start packing.

Soon it will be the telephones and traffic jams that are far away. Soon you will be in the warm crystal blue waters of Fiji.
As divers, you can pack light this time, forget those quarter inch wet suits, and don’t even think about the twenty-five pounds of lead you normally have to lug around. Leave it at home! Diving in tropical waters is quite different. Suiting up only takes about two minutes. Once you have everything on, you will hesitate a moment trying to figure out what is missing, it just doesn’t seem right. Then, as you are just about to jump, you hesitate again for just a moment, preparing yourself for the shocking cold we normally encounter when first entering the water.
As you make that first step, your body tightens up expecting that blast of chilled water over your un-wet suited body.




At this point you know you have made the right decision for your vacation and your body relaxes as you make your descent.

wall diving




First things first

us passport

You MUST have a Passport to go to Fiji.

The passport expiration date must not be before

May 27, 2014.

If the expiration date on your passport is prior to

May 27, 2014, you must get a new passport ASAP.

(((Check right now, what is the expiration date on your passport)))

Please send me a photo copy of the picture page of your

passport for my files.

(((Please send me the copy of your passport ASAP, so I can check)))

Also include a copy of your SCUBA certification card.

Also include a copy of any insurance card in case of an emergency.


OK, most of the paperwork is done.


((( Did you check the expiration date on your passport yet?)))



Where exactly are we going?


Google earth

Your adventure will begin departing LAX, next stop Fiji.

We will be crossing the International Date Line, we will also be

crossing the Equator as we enter the South Pacific Ocean in the

southern hemisphere.

FIJI map

We will be landing on the island of Viti Levu (Big Fiji), in the city of

Nadi (pronounced: Nandi).

Once we clear customs we will hop in a bus for a

two and a half hour bus ride to Pacific Harbor.

Don't worry, we'll stop on the bus ride for refreshments

and a potty break in the little town of Sigatoka.

There will be a boat waiting for us at Pacific Harbor.

It will take about an hour to get to Beqa Island.

google beqa island 2

You will be greeted on the beach by the villigers of Beqa Island.

They will greet us with song and a beautiful flower lei.

We will gather in the main Buri (big house)

and have some refreshments.

Once the orientation is complete you will be lead to

your private Buri.

Your luggage will already be there waiting for you.


You have arrived!

fiji sun set nice

Relax, take it easy, it has just begun...



The Resort layout


fiji beqa Huts


A little bit about Fiji

Fiji flag

Fiji is made up of about 332 islands,

located between 15 and 22 degrees south latitude and

177 west to 175 east latitude,

with a total area of about 18,376 square kilometres.

There are three main islands - Viti Levu (where Fiji's capital Suva is located),

Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

The island of Beqa is a tiny island about thirty square miles.

Beqa has nine villages with a total population of about 1100 people.

Beqa is just south of the island of Viti Levu


Fiji has a tropical climate. The driest period is between April and November when

the cooling southeast trade winds blow - this is also Fiji's winter/cold season.

The wet season is between December to April when it is hotter and there is a

relatively high humidity.

Viti Levu has distinct wet and dry zones - the wet zone is on the southeast.

Suva has an annual average rainfall of 385 centimeters while Lautoka on the

western side has about 191 cm of rainfall. Maximum summer temperatures

average 30 degree Celsius (86F) and the mean minimum is 23 degree Celsius

(73F). The average winter temperature maximum is 26 degrees Celsius (79F)

and the mean minimum is 20 degrees Celsius (68F).


Fiji is a multiracial and multicultural nation with a

population of 775,077 (1996 Census report).

Fijians comprise 51 per cent of the total, Indians 44 per cent,

with the balance made up of Rotumans, Chinese, Part-Europeans,

Europeans and other Pacific Islanders.


A few words you may want to know

Welcome 2

Your stay in Fiji will be made even more special with knowledge of a few

Fijian words. Fijians are delighted when you say good morning or

hello in their language. And if said properly, they will appreciate your

efforts and go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

In any country, it is handy to know a bit of the local lingo to

get around and Fiji is no exception.

However, the best way to grasp the Fijian language is to learn

from a Fijian. Practice as much as you can.

But before we start on the words, here's a few hints

about pronunciation - an essential part of languages anywhere

and more so in Fiji. The vowels in the Fijian language are pronounced

the same as in English but the English language also comprises

the following consonants -

b is mb as in bamboo,

c is th as in that,

d is nd as in candy,

j is ch as in church,

g is ng as in singing,

q is g as in great.

Here are just some words that you want to try out:


Hello (formal) Ni sa bula (ni sa boola)

good morning Ni sa yadra (nee sah yahn-dra)

Please Yalo vinaka (yahlo - vee-nahka)

Thank You Vinaka (vee-nahka)

Yes Io (ee-oh)

Woman marama

Man turaga (too-rahng-ah)

child gone (ngo-ne)

small lailai (lie-lie)

large levu (lay-voo)

a little vakalailai (vaka lie-lie)

a lot vaka levu (vaka lay-voo)

quickly vakatotolo (vaka toe-toe low)

slowly vakamalua (vaka ma-loo-ah)

house bure (mboo-ray)

toilet valelailai (val-lay-lie-lie)

come lako mai ( lah-ko-my)

good-bye ni sa moce (nee-sa-moe they)

bring kauta mai ( ka-ou-tah-my)

one more dua tale (ndooah-tah-lei)

drink gunu (ngoo-noo)

food kakana (kah-kah-nah)

church vale ni lotu

coconut niu (new)

shop sitoa (see-toh-ah)

sugar cane dovu (ndoh-vu)

ladies dess sarong

mans dress sulu (soo-loo)

Cheif Ratu

Tony Wiley Ratu Popukinni (Chief studly warrior)


There will be a test





Thur. ~ Mon.
11 am - 6pm
 Tues. ~ Wed.

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