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A returning friend

Nancy Smedley will be joing us in Fiji again.

She recieved this beautiful lay from one of the

Fijians in the village of Raviravi.

I am sure her island friends will be excited to she she has returned.

fiji Nancy and her lay




fiji old shoes2

We will be staying in a vary nice resort. Some times folks like to dress up in

something a little nicer then an old dive t-shirt and shorts when we all gather for

dinner at the main Buri. Leave the tuxedos and ball dresses at home. Fancy for a

diver is a colorful Hawaiian shirt and momos with a floral pattern.

What about shoes?

What kind do we need?

The only correct answer to that is COMFORTABLE shoes.

Sandals will be good around the resort, or just go bare foot.

We will be doing small hikes to the different villages and maybe to the waterfall.

Your shoes will be getting wet and most likely soaked on these hikes.

I recommend that you do not bring your $300 Nikes.

Bring those old shoes in the back of your closet, you know the

shoes that are thrashed but not thrashed enough to throw them away.

This is the perfect use for those old broken in comfortable shoes.


Just in case

you have just crawled out from under a rock


I assume that everyone has an idea of what not to carry on the airplane.

Just incase someone has been living in a cave and has no exposure to

TV, Radio, newspapers and the latest topic of

conversation for the past 10 years.

I want to bring you up to date.

The terrorist attack of September 11th has

changed the way we all travel.

Do not for any reason bring with you on to the

airplane any firearms, knives

or anything that can be considered a weapon.

That includes fingernail clippers, scissors, leather man tools, or

anything with a sharp edge

(metal, ceramic or plastic).

If you do get caught with any of these items

it will be taken away from you and not returned.

(Dive knives and tools must be packed in your check in luggage)

It may even cause you to miss the flight.




Also, While we are in the airport or on the airplane do not make any jokes about

terrorism, hijacking, bombs, weapons, drugs, anthrax or bio terrorism.

It is best that the above subject are not even

discussed in the area of the airport or aircraft.

If anyone in authority feels that you are a

threat based on your comments,

you may be taken away

and you may not be given back.


When in FIJI do as the Fijians do

This trip to Fiji will be an adventure. We will be guests in a country where the customs are very different than at home. And I know that no one wants to offend our hosts. Well, it would seem that it is deemed inappropriate in Fiji for women to be seen barelegged.

fiji ladies dress

Typical colorful daily ladies attire

Of course, while we are on the grounds of the resort, bathing suits and shorts will be the order of the day. But outside the resort, those of us of the female persuasion will need to keep our legs covered.

This means either a long skirt (Sulu (soo-loo)) or long pants.

It is a small price to pay for a week in paradise!

I don’t know how much time will be spent away from the resort, but I am personally going to pack two changes of properly modest attire.

The guys do an attire rule as well: no hats in the villages.

I hope that all of you are looking forward to this trip as much as I am.

See you soon!



Witch is witch ?


MoorishIdolB Moorish idol2

Moorish Idol Bannerfish

We will see hundreds of different types of tropical fish.

Red fish, blue fish, poka dotted fish and stripped fish.

These two stripped fish are often seen on our dives in Fiji.

Although they look similar, they are different species.

Most often times they are both labeled as the “Moorish Idol”.

That would be correct if the identifier was talking about the fish on the left,

the other fish is a “Bannerfish”. The best way to tell which is which,

is the tails of the fish. The Moorish Idol has a black tail while

the Bannerfish has a yellow tail. The Moorish Idol tends to be seen in pairs

while the Bannerfish will often be seen in large school,

sometime numbering in the hundreds.

See if you can spot both species.




Everything is fantastic in Fiji



I do not know what kind of flower this is,


I just know it is beautiful.



OK, who is this guy?


If you ran into this guy on the trail you would just give him a friendly

"BULA" (Hello) as you walked by.

In this case you should say "Ni Sa Bula" (A vary respectiful Hello).

Let me introduce you to Ratu (Chief) Kala Tuikakau

(not sue of that spelling on the Ratu's last name).

He is a soft spoken man, but he is the chief. 

We will be paying him a visit on the first day of the trip.

It is tradition to ask the Ratu his permission to visit the island.

All are welcome to join me to see the chief.


In this photo Ratu Kala is just returning from his garden

where he is bringing back turnips.