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Anthony Wiley's Scuba Locker

1043 W La Cadena Dr
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going to love

the Food

fiji no hambergers

I love hamburgers, but there will not be any of these at the resort.


I have spoken to a lot of folks in the process of setting up the Fiji trip.

It seems that everybody loves this place,

the diving is world class,

the local people fantastic,

and the island is beautiful.

There is one thing that stands out when you talk about

Beqa Lagoon Resort; and that is the food.

Folks have raved about the food.

Most dive resort I have been to serve good food,

but there menus are nothing like food at Beqa Lagoon.

For example I have included some of the planned menu items.

Country Style Braised Beef,

Pan Fried Calamari,

Vegetable Coconut Chowder,

Cashew Crusted New Zealand Rack of Lamb,

Filet of Free-Range Beef,

Cajun Spiced Yellow Fin Tuna,


Oven Roasted Deep-Sea Escolar with

Macadamia-Lemon Fondue

( I have no clue what that last dish is, but it sounds great)

The desserts on the menu are even better, all fancy stuff like;

White and dark Chocolate Mousse Tower


fiji food

If you have any special dietary needs please contact

the shop ASAP


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Fiji Money


The current exchange rate is (as of may 2014)

$1 U.S. Dollar is equel to $1.77 Fijian Dollars.




One of the highlights of exotic dive trips is that we often see large Sea turtles.

There are three species we may encounter on our trip.

The Loggerhead, The Hawksbill and the Green turtle.

critter hawksbill

The Hawksbill


All are considered endangered due to past over-harvesting.

The law in most countries now protects the turtles, from hunting and harassment.

Keep in mind that when you encounter one of these magnificent creatures,

they are only to be looked at and to be photographed.

We most often see the Loggerhead turtles while on night dives on a shipwrecks.

On day dives, we will find Hawksbill turtles swimming along the edges of the reefs.

The Hawksbill seems to be a bit more wary of divers, darting off when approached too closely.

The Hawksbill tends to be the smallest of the three turtles with a maximum weight of 165 pounds

versus a maximum weight for the loggerhead at 450 pounds and a whopping

650 pounds for the Green turtles.

If you do encounter turtles and are not sure which kind it is,

pay close attention to the color of the shell and the plate segments of the shell just behind the head.

Then we can look it up in the critter I.D. books on the boat or back at the resort.

The best book for identifying critters is

Paul Humanns "The Reef Set".


You can look but don’t touch.


We we see sharks? Yes we will, its so exciting. When diving on the

reefs we will see them off in the distance. It is unlikley that they will

get any closer then 50 feet.

 MG 0060 Three Bull Sharks  BFF Beqa 2012

If you are interested in see sharks then you will want to sign up for the

BIG FISH DIVE. We normally see five to seven different species of

sharks on this dive. We also see hundreds of species of fish. 

Thousands of fish will be swimming all over the place.

It is exciting and you will never forget this experance.