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Anthony Wiley's Scuba Locker

1043 W La Cadena Dr
Riverside, CA 92501


In case of an emergency

back home

In case of an emergency back at home,
they can contact you or send a message at:

Fiji red phone

U.S. Number 1-800-542-3454

Fiji phone number 011-679-304042


The people at the above numbers can make contact with us at the resort on Beqa.

The name of the resort is:

Beqa Lagoon Resort

Our group name is:

Wiley'S SCUBA Locker

These are EMERGENCY numbers only



Check out the local color


orchid painting

One of the coolest things to do when your not diving is to explore the island.
Fiji is a tropical paradise with flowers everywhere. In more colors than the rainbow! Some flowers are several feet tall growing right out of the sand! It is an adventure to see how many different ones you can find. Most are very aromatic in a good way, they smell great however some just plain stink! It is I suppose a defense mechanism to keep from being eaten from the flower carnivores of the island. There are birds of paradise, plumeria, white ginger and so many other types of flowering plants that it would take you a complete day to just discover and look up what was growing around the resort itself!


Something to think about:

What Not To Do

Before Going Away on Vacation


Each year vacationers make travel blunders which put their homes at risk while they are away. Learn from their mistakes. Whether you’re getting ready for a reprieve from the snow or planning a summer getaway, below you will find five tips on what not to do before going away on vacation.


1. Don’t put your home address on luggage, laptop and briefcase tags. No one needs to know that the house at 123 Main St. is potentially vacant. Your name and cell phone number is adequate.

A note from Tony:
You are welcome to use the dive shop address on your luggage tags. That way if you luggage dose get lost, it will have someplace to go while protecting your home address. Please make sure your name is on the luggage tag

2. Don’t post status or photos on Facebook or Twitter indicating that you are away or that you are going away. Save the excitement to share once you return. Likewise, don’t set your email auto responders to “I’m out of the office [insert date time frame here]”. You may think you’re being responsive to your clients but you’re alerting potential thieves to an empty home.

3. Don’t forget to put your mail on hold with the USPS. Also have neighbors put out and return trash dumpsters. To do otherwise is a sure telltale sign that no one is home. If you’re not comfortable alerting employees at the USPS you’ll be gone, have a neighbor grab the mail; just don’t leave it in the box.

4. Don’t feel it necessary to share with tellers at your bank or credit union that you’re withdrawing a boatload of cash because you’re going away. Friendly conversation and excitement about your trip is understandable; but this type of announcement is unnecessary and potentially a threat to your property.

5. Don’t hire contractors to perform service work while you are away. It may seem convenient to say tell others “We’ll be gone the 1st week in August, so maybe you could put the new roof on while we’re gone” or “We’re going on vacation, so you can fix my car while we’re gone.” Have work done on your property while you are at home.

While preparing your pre-vacation checklist – be sure to add “think about the message you are sending before you tell others you are going to be gone” to your list.

Have fun, bring sunscreen and be safe!


By: Laurie Ayers

About the Author: Laurie Ayers is a speaker, author and personal safety and crime avoidance specialist. http://www.LaurieAyers.com


Shower on the Island


We will be on a remote island. 

The showers are behind the resort just a short walk down the trail.


Just kidding, I know that there are a few ladies out there

about to flip out saying

That ain't happining.

This is a village shower on another island that I satyed a few days on last year.

Don't worry, you will like the rooms and the showers in your room.