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The legend of the first Firewalker ;

fiji firewalker

as told to us by the chief of Rukua, goes something like this:

One day, a young warrior on Beqa Island was hunting for an eel to give to the

village chief in exchange for a story. He found a hole in the river and

reached deep inside to pull out the eel.

When he with drew his hand, he had captured a mystical little man.

The little man said,"if you let me go, I will give you anything you like."

"But I need nothing," the warrior protested.

"I will make you the strongest warrior in the village,

" said the little man.

"I am already the strongest."

"I will make you the most handsome."

"I am already the most handsome," he scoffed.

"Offer me something that I do not already have."

The little man thought for a moment and then replied:

"If you will set me free, I will make it so that you,

and your children, and your children's children, will have the power to walk on fire, until the end of the world."

This appealed to the young warrior, and he quickly let the little man go.

The little man told him to build a fire and to prepare for the ceremony, then was never seen again.

But from that day unto this,

The descendants of Beqa island, have had the power to walk on fire without harm.


Legend of the first white guy firewalker

fiji white fire walker

Probably the last.

But then there is Larry. 

This is his first trip to Fiji and the newest member of our travil group. It has been voted that Larry is the white guy to hot foot it accross the coals.

Larry Oronoz 1

Meet the Firewalkers of Beqa

Fire walker 17

On any given weekend, just a few feet from the Bure Kalou,

the guests of Beqa Lagoon Resort have theexclusive privilege

of witnessing the sacred firewalking ceremony.

Early in the day, young men from the neighboring village

carry large branches to the resort to build an enormous bonfire

atop a pile of stones. When the fire is low and the stones are glowing red,

the warriors reappear in ceremonial dress.

The eldest begins a deep resonant chant, and slowly,

one by one, the very young to the very old walk carefully 

across the scalding stones.


Pandanus weaving in Raviravi

fiji Ravirravi  Village tour 18
The ladies of the villiges
are stripping the thorns off of the

leaves of the Pandanus bush.

They are preparing them for dieing and drying.

These will then be used to mak Mats, baskets and decoritive items.

Ravirravi  Village tour 30

The ladies of Raviravi village are shairing their skills

with the ladies from the resort.

fiji Nancy and her lay

Nancy was gifted an beautiful hand made Pandanus lay

from one of the village ladies.

This gift was a very special gift that brought Nancy to tears.

Nancy will be joing us on this trip, ask her about the gift

from the ladies of Raviravi village.