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It’s all about give and take
The islands of Fiji are wonderful and the people of the island are fantastic.
If you have been there before you already know this. If this is your first time visiting this tropical paradise you are in for a big treat.
Of course the diveing is some of the best the world has to offer.
You will encounter exotic colorful fish and creatures that you have only seen in TV documentaries. By the end of your vacation in Fiji you will come home with photos and memories that will last you a lifetime. PRICELESS!
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Ladies of the village checking out reading glasses
The other half of the “Give and take” equation it to “Give”. To give back. Traditionally on a vacation giving back means “Tipping” for services rendered. At the end of the trip you will have the opportunity to tip for good service. (more on Tipping later)
The “Give” that I am referring to is much more meaningful and gratifying.
The islanders are typically willing to share anything they have with us. However, you will see that they don’t have that much. They have an abundance of heart and spirit, but lack the things that we take for granted. This is where we can help out.
We have always taken “care packages” as gifts to the villages.
Popular items include:
Reading glasses
Sun glasses
Fish hooks
Baby cloths
Children cloths
Children books
Sewing needles and thread
The list is endless....
We will most likely visit four of the nine villages on the island of Beqa. If you chose to participate the villagers of Rakus, Raviravi, Newisomo and Lalati will never forget your visit.
The Fijian sunset
fiji golden sunset
This is my favorite time of day at Beqa Lagoon Resort.
It has been a wonderful day of diving and visiting the nearby villages.

Now it is time to relax with friends and a glass of wine standing on the beach

watching the South Pacific sun set.